Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Pelican spotting

This evening I went out for another bike ride, under US 36 and up Olde Wadsworth, down 92nd and back over US 36 to 104th. The weather was beautiful, sunshine and blue skies, and the trails were smooth (except the spot going up Olde Wads where the construction kind of took over the path). My bike doesn't like the hills (don't laugh) and won't stay in gear on a steeper hill, even with my thumb on the gear shift. Oh well, it works most of the time and I'm getting out - next year I'll get a new bike in the spring once I figure out exactly what I want.

While we were winding along the trail, we rode between two rivers (well irrigation ditches really but still) and then by two ponds. One of the ponds had a bunch of ducks and geese and one lone pelican. We stopped for a few minutes to watch and he (or she) got shy and swam behind the small peninsula in the lake.

I didn't have my camera, but next time I'll get pictures.

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